Jana headshot

Jana Hill: Writer, Editor, Yoga Instructor

Jana Hill started writing and editing professionally in 1998 (then Jana Alexander), the same year she began  her yoga practice.

Past roles include editorships at the Enterprise Newspapers (a Washington-Post-owned weekly), the Skagit Valley Herald, and a nationally circulating business-to-business magazine based in Bellingham, now called Retailing Insight. She started her career-life as a general-assignment reporter, for the Snohomish County Tribune, covering education, public safety, and government.

In her freelance days, she landed projects that developed her yoga-knowledge, interviewing Seane Corne, and penning an extensive brochure on yoga-and-breast-cancer, and a glossary, for that same freelance-client.  She wrote numerous business-articles for Northwest Business Monthly, a Bellingham magazine. Copy editing has always been the foundation of her career. She also developed skills in marketing, and developed a specialization in health-and-wellness content. In 2015, she applied a soft-closure to her freelance business, to explore new skills: teaching, then dementia-care.

In 2018, she is looking for a place to put down roots, as her work in freelance writing and editing, then yoga, then nonprofit support, was all a multi-employer experience. While those experiences were rewarding, she had a strong urge to simplify. That energy landed her at IRGPT, as a Physical Therapy Aide. In 2019, she will take that focus, and develop skills related to a career-life in physical therapy and yoga.