News & Magazines

I currently work at the Snohomish County Tribune. Individual clips will be posted as time permits.

Newspapers and magazines were a focus, from 1998 to my freelance-era: I opened my freelance business in 2007. Not all work-samples are posted. 

Continuity Publishing: Yoga Ambassador Seane Corn creates venues for change

Enterprise Newspapers: Civility Rights

Enterprise Newspapers: What if I ate a rainbow?

Tribune: Beads become ties that bind

Tribune: Seeing Things in a Different Light

Enterprise: Domestic Violence article: Won 2nd place from the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association

Tribune: School district gearing up for budget cuts 

Tribune: Thompson ready to earn confidence

Tribune: Valley General focusing on relationship from birth

Tribune: Acting Superintendent Reassigned

Tribune: Snohomish girl outscores college bound on SATs

Tribune: Prison Awareness Program

Tribune: What do you expect of your superintendent?

Enterprise: Bill reduces sentences for drug offenders

Enterprise: GMA projections March 2003

Enterprise: Home Making — students learn to restore salmon habitat

Enterprise: The Dark Side of Brightwater

Tribune: Uncommon Partnership for salmon habitat

Tribune: Frank talk about choosing a new superintendent

Enterprise: And a father runs through it

Tribune: A true culture of equality?