Medical writing, editing

person holding microscope

Health, wellness, and medical content are a content-specialization that traces back to 2007. 

  • Covered the Snohomish County Health District for the Tribune, from July 2019 to March 2020. Covered COVID-19 in its hour-to-hour changes for website and newspaper copy. Articles include on on underlying illness.
  • Guide to Understanding Yoga and Breast Cancer, an indepth brochure that breast cancer patients ordered 8,000 times; that had more than 150,000 views online.
  • Medical Glossary
  • A Toe Tappin’ Good Time” on dementia-care day program: published in the newsletter where I served as an assistant, and reprinted when sent to a local newspaper as a press release.
  • Multiple transcripts for Living Beyond Breast Cancer as a regular freelancer.
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